Glaswerk ONE launch at Cine Gear Expo 2019

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Cine Gear 2019

Glaswerk successfully launched their new 2x anamorhpic VistaVision lens series “Glaswerk ONE” and “Glaswerk ONE+” at Cine Gear Expo 2019. It was amazing to meet many new people from the industry as well as familiar faces who had been involved in the process of development and finally had a look at the Glaswerk lenses for the first time at the show.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we got during and after the show. This year’s Cine Gear Expo was an important milestone for us. The Show was the prove that we not only met our specifications, but also successfully implemented suggestions and requests by DPs and rental Houses that we had asked for their input during development.”

Viola Evang, Glaswerk GmbH
Jay Holdan ASC, Viola Evang and Christopher Probst ASC

At Cine Gear Expo, there was especially one feature of the Glaswerk ONE lenses that caused many astonished faces: the close focus of 52cm (1 2/3 feet) on the 50mm lens. But also the low distortion and mild falloff towards the corners that allows DPs to place their objects in the edges of the frame caught attention. Last but not least, the painterly oval shaped bokeh that doesn’t get cut off or distorted in the edges of a Cinemascope frame with Vista Vision Sensor height was a highly aprreciated characteristic.

The days after the show, Viola Evang and David Kellermann from Glaswerk met with DPs and rental houses for lens tests. Some results will be shown on the website and in social media during the next days.

You can find a Newsshooter interview with David Kellermann from Glaswerk here. Thanks to Matthew Allard for coming over for the interview.

We can’t thank Bright Tangerine enough for offering us a spot at their booth last minute!

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