Markus Förderer ASC testing Glaswerk ONE & ONE+

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After showing the Glaswerk ONE lenses for the first time publicly at Cine Gear Expo 2019 in Los Angeles, Glaswerk met with Markus for a non scientific test shoot. Since he was one of the first cinematogrpahers the Glaswerk team talked to during the design process, his feedback to the lenses was especially important.

“The Glaswerk ONE lenses are mechanically and optically built to the highest standards. The bokeh looks very nice and clean and they offer an amazing close focus range for anamorphic lenses.”

Markus Förderer, ASC

The input that he and other cinematographers, camera assistants and rental houses provided Glaswerk with early on during the optical design process helped to create a unique lens design that is adaptable to their specific needs. The Glaswerk ONE 50mm used on this test is a regular performance optimized unit while the Glaswerk ONE+, the flare version, which features special coatings, was a prototype based on an earlier lens batch. All footage was captured handheld on a Sony Venice in 6k Open Gate, utilizing the full 24mm sensor height for 1:2.4 CinemaScope.

Glaswerk ONE 50mm @T2.4

Glaswerk ONE+ 50mm @T2.4

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