Vista Vision 2x Front Anamorphic + Vintage Flares

The Glaswerk ONE+ lens series is, like Glaswerk ONE, a 2x front anamorphic set that was designed to cover the Vista Vision format (FF35+). The ONE+ lens series is mostly identical to ONE, but offers typical blue flares due to special coatings that are based on early anamorphic lens designs from the 60s.


  • Identical optical and mechanical design as ONE
  • Vintage bluish horizontal flares
  • Minimized spherical flares
  • Slightly decreased contrast compared to ONE
  • Custom flare color lenses upon request
Glaswerk One 50mm anamorphic lens blue flare

What's Special

Raytracing & Flare Design

Flare design

During the flare design, Glaswerk decided to aim for the classic horizontal blue flare and a slightly warmer look to create a vintage style anamorphic lens.


With state of the art raytracing software, every single lens surface was analysed in order to look for wanted and unwanted ghosts (reflections between lens srufaces and mechanical components). The software simulates collimated light sources that are sent through the lens model from different angles.

Ghost analysis

The ghost analysis enables the detection of all flares and ghosts and by which lens surfaces they are produced. A classification in ``wanted`` and ``unwanted`` ghosts leads to the decision which lens surfaces have to be coated differently to produces the desired flares.

Flare selection

Despite the fact that some ghosts are enhanced by a special coating, the rest of the lens surfaces are multilayer coated in order to create a well controlled image.


Color & Contrast

Flare Characteristics


The flare color stems from the thickness of the applied coating. Based on the feedback by cinematographers, we chose a blue flare color. Custom flare colors are possible.


Since only two of 18 lenses receive the special coating, the ONE+ will still offer a relatively high contrast compared to vintage lenses from the 60s.


The horizontal flare is due to a special coating on two cylindrical lens elements that are at the core of our lenses. So while we would love to offer our customers a user replaceable system to change between ONE and ONE+, it's unfortunately impossible.

vintage vs. modern multilayer coating

ONE vs. ONE+

The multicoated version with reduced flares gives a clean and controllable image without forgoing the typical 2x anamorphic look.

A lens by lens ghost analysis with state of the art raytracing software was carried out and enables Glaswerk to control and design flares – not only for every single lens, but also in every imaginable combination. Two different flare versions will be available:

Glaswerk ONE is entirely coated with a modern multilayer coating for very controllable flares.

Glaswerk ONE + has particular lenses coated with a special coating to create controlled, blue horizontal flares and has overall a slightly warmer look than the standard version.

flare analysis coated
flare light

θ=0° φ=247° to θ=40° φ=247°

Flare Simulation I


infinity to 0,52m

Flare Simulation II